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Why Do It? Understanding the Value of Tree Care

Do you have lots of trees in your property? Are you having trouble trying to maintain them and keep them looking healthy and vibrant? Are you considering tree removal as an option to finally rid yourself of the responsibility? Please don’t.

Besides the fact that trees are vital to the environment, they actually provide a lot more advantages than disadvantages to the homeowner or property owner. Sure, trees are sometimes a bit challenging and costly when it comes to taking care of their needs, but that’s just a tiny aspect of the overall significance of these magnificent living pylons of nature.

What Dangers Do Unmaintained Trees Pose?

From a homeowner’s perspective, trees can be dangerous when they’re not regularly maintained or planted in the right location.

  • A weakened or diseased tree can topple over at any moment, without warning. And if it happens to be standing near a structure, like your house, it can certainly pose a serious danger not just to the property but the people living in it as well.
  • If a tree is planted near a power line, telephone line, etc. and if it’s not regularly pruned, it can definitely become a serious problem later on both for the homeowner and the neighborhood.

And this is where the significance and value of quality tree care can really be felt. But before we delve into the tree care benefits and why it is important, let us first look at the value of trees from a property owner’s standpoint.

Why You Should Avoid A Tree Removal Service?

  • Trees provide shade – Have you ever experienced summer in a place where there are no trees close by providing cool shade? That’s why deserts are so unbearable at daytime. There are no trees around that can provide you with shelter and protection from the blistering sun.
  • Trees add elegance to the landscape and value to the property – Any landscape, whether it’s a commercial or residential property, can definitely benefit from trees. And it doesn’t hurt that they can boost the value of your property with their mere presence.
  • Trees can help reduce energy consumption – What? Why? When planted in a strategic location, a single tree can block the afternoon sun and keep it from entering your home, thus eliminating the need to max out your air conditioning.

If you understand the value of trees and what they can do to your property, then perhaps you can appreciate the true value of quality tree care. The following are several benefits that a good tree care service can bring to the table:

The Tree Care Benefits You Can Expect From Quality Service

Tree Care ProfessionalQuality tree care done by a certified professional can effectively . . .

1. Keep Your Trees Healthy and Flourishing

It’s a mistake to believe that trees don’t require care and maintenance. If they are planted near structures, private or otherwise, then caring for them becomes even more important. You don’t want dead branches falling on people’s heads, overgrown canopies touching power lines, or sickly and pest-infested trees falling over buildings.

Yes, trees can add value to a property, but not when it’s looking unkempt and presents a potential safety hazard.

2. Promote Safety and Security For Your Home and Property

Tree care and maintenance are not just about adding value to your property; it’s also about keeping your home and your family safe. Tree branches that are hanging over the roof of your house, or branches that have grown so wide that it’s starting to touch panels and windows, exhibit a clear and present danger.

Quality tree care and maintenance will eliminate all these potential problems by regularly giving your tree proper pruning. Keep in mind that trimming and pruning are not only about maintaining a good appearance for the tree, it’s also about safety and eliminating potential hazards to everyone and everything around it.

3. Keep the Homeowner’s Liabilities in Check

You’re lucky if a tree in your property falls over and only causes damage to your own garage or your own car. Your insurance might cover the repair costs for that. But what happens if that same tree falls over your neighbor’s yard? What if a passerby gets hurt from a fallen branch that came from your tree? As the property owner, you are liable for the damages and injuries caused by the tree in your property.

The Great Advantages of a Top-Quality Tree Care Service

You see, by having your trees regularly maintained, inspected, and cared for by a certified professional, you can mitigate such risks and keep your liabilities in constant check, as any responsible property owner should.