Drought Mitigation Plan

Drought Mitigation Plan In Reno

Support the Longevity & Health Of Your Trees

The dry, arid climate of Nevada calls for specialized vegetation and tree maintenance plans. Currently, we are experiencing a chronic drought, the effects of which will likely be felt for years to come. While reducing your water usage is crucial, you can still promote the health and lifespan of your trees with a solid drought plan that focuses on effectively using water in a way that does the most good.

At American Arborists, we offer comprehensive drought mitigation in Reno and throughout the nearby areas. Our drought management services are designed to support the longevity and health of your trees, even in periods of severe drought. Even when you must ration your water usage, our ISA-Certified Arborists can help you maintain beautiful and healthy trees.

Interested in a drought mitigation plan for your residential or commercial property? Call us at (775) 352-4241 to schedule a consultation with our tree care services team!

How Does Our Drought Mitigation Plan Work?

Our drought management program focuses on effective water conserving procedures that won’t starve your trees. We work to reverse the effect of limited water—which can lead to dry, compact soil that reduces the amount of water available to trees. Instead, we work to ensure that the maximum amount of water allotted to each tree is utilized to its full potential.

Key Components of Our Drought Mitigation Approach

  • Necessary water estimation: We measure the diameter of each tree at breast height (DBH), and plan to allot ten gallons per inch to keep the tree healthy and hydrated.
  • Soil conditioning: We carefully condition the soil around your trees in all directions, allowing water to quickly and efficiently reach the root system before evaporating.
  • Stress reduction: We also apply stress reduction techniques to help your tree self-manage during times of drought.
  • 30 day cycle: We can repeat drought mitigation treatments every 30 days or as needed.

Advanced Tree Care During Reno's Water Shortages

We can also help you implement tree growth regulators that can help your trees remain healthy during a drought. Tree growth regulators tell the tree where to concentrate its energy. When a drought occurs, regulators reallocate energy from shoot growth to root growth, increasing the tree’s ability to absorb water and nutrients and reducing the nutrient expenditure.

Slow-release potassium can also be applied to replenish the nutrients your trees use to gather, store, and utilize energy. Furthermore, we can help you utilize proper watering techniques and switch from turf to mulch in order to make the most of the limited water you have.

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