Seasonal Tree Care

Professional Seasonal Tree Care in Reno

Promote The Health & Beauty Of Your Trees All Year-Round

When it comes to trees, timing is everything. Trees are uniquely tied to the seasons, with each season bringing its own natural cycle of growth and aging.

Conducting the proper seasonal tree care in Reno or the nearby areas is crucial to the overall health, beauty, and long-term sustainability of your trees.

At American Arborists, we can help you promote optimal tree health through each season. Our customizable tree services are designed to meet your exact needs so that you can enjoy your trees for years to come.

We proudly offer a comprehensive range of seasonal services for all types of trees at both residential and commercial properties throughout the area.

Give us a call at (775) 352-4241 to learn more about our Reno seasonal tree services or to schedule your consultation with our team!

Tree Care By Season

When it comes to planting, pruning, and treating your trees, you want to ensure that you are following the seasons in order to promote optimal tree health. With years of industry experience, our ISA-Certified Arborists can help you carry out the correct services at each different time of the year.

Spring Tree Services:

  • Large-scale pruning
  • Complete trimming
  • Topical treatment
  • Anti-pest treatments

Some pesticide applications last for a year and can be done at any point in the year, but pesticide application in spring increases effectiveness by reducing evaporation of foliar and soil applications.

Summer Tree Services:

  • Removal of dead, broken, crossing, and diseased branches
  • Removals of abnormal/hazardous branch growths
  • Crown cleaning
  • Corrective pruning
  • Crown restoration

Tree crowns are an important part of the tree’s active summer cycle, and excessive trimming in extreme temperatures can be harmful. We try not to exceed the removal of more than 20% of healthy crown material in any calendar year.

Fall Tree Services:

  • Pruning
  • Planting

Winter Tree Services:

  • Emergencies

There is usually not much to be done to trees in the winter. However, if a tree has been improperly maintained throughout the rest of the year or has suffered weather damage, we are still on call to help you deal with any emergencies. Otherwise, you can rest easy knowing that your trees are hunkering down for the winter and that they will spring back to life in just a few short months.

Why Choose Seasonal Tree Maintenance?

Scheduling appropriate seasonal tree services in Reno can help keep your trees looking healthy all year-round and avoid a number of common issues.

Seasonal Tree Maintenance Can Help You Ensure That:

  • Your trees stay healthy and strong all year-round
  • Your trees are able to maximize their core functions each season
  • Pests are blocked before they can cause major damage
  • Any weak branches are removed so they don’t fall unexpectedly

Our arborists attend annual training seminars to ensure they are always up to date on the latest in arboreal science. Plus, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Schedule your trees’ checkups today! Call us or contact us online for a consultation for our seasonal tree care in Reno!

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