How To Properly Remove Outdoor Tree Lights (Without Damaging Them)

Holidays are over! Pretty sad, right?

Whether we like it or not, we have to face that fact that we need to go back to school or work, and wait for the next Christmas season to come—which is 11 months from now! However, just because the holidays have come and gone doesn’t mean that there aren’t traces of them anymore in your house. For sure, there are plenty presents left unwrapped yet and the fridge is still brimming with leftovers from your Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration. Apart from that, we are also pretty certain that most of your Christmas decors and holiday trees are still up, reminding you of how awesome your holiday season went.

But as it is now January, it is really time to take down all those Christmas ornaments and tuck them away. And while you won’t have a problem taking down the rest of your Christmas decors, removing Christmas lights from your outdoor trees or shrubs is another story.

Why? Because as much as possible, we don’t want to harm them in any way.

Here are 5 essential tips how to take care of your trees while removing the lights mounted on them last Yuletide season:

1. Do It Gently

The first step, of course, in removing the lights from your outdoor shrubs and/or trees is to do things in a gentle manner. We don’t want any twigs or branches getting broken.

Why is that?

Because most deciduous plants have their buds already growing for the next year’s flowers and leaves. Carelessly pulling the strings of lights off your trees can potentially damage the trees’ buds, especially since frozen branches/twigs easily snap.

And even though new buds will regrow during the spring season that is certainly a lot of time.

2. When Dealing with Tall Trees, Use a Ladder

Apart from doing things in a gentle manner, removing the lights from the trees should be done slowly. So don’t even think of hastily pulling off the lights from the ground. This can damage your trees, and we definitely don’t want that to happen.

Now, what’s the proper way of removing the lights from tall trees?

Use a ladder and slowly remove the strings of lights from the trees. Be sure to also secure your safety as you climb the ladder. Do not climb the ladder if you are not properly dressed or if you do not have the right tools for the job.

An important rule is next on our list.

3. Last up, First Off Rule

Be sure to remember the rule last up, first off when removing the lights from your trees. This means that the strings that you should remove first are the ones that you placed on the trees last. Doing this will help avoid tangling the strings of lights, which can also damage the plants.

4. Carefully Take Down the Clips or Hooks Used

Aside from using a ladder when removing the strings of lights from the trees, you should also remove all the hooks or clips that you have used to securely attach them during the Christmas season. Leaving them on the leaves or twigs can potentially damage your trees too. They can puncture the branches or even harm kids or people who pass by the plants.

They also mess with the aesthetics of your place; nobody wants to see trees with clips and hooks attached to them.

5. String the Lights Properly So You Won’t Have a Hard Time Removing Them

Technically speaking, the best way that you can to avoid damaging your trees when you remove the strings of light is by stringing them on your trees properly. When it comes to placing these festive lights on your outdoor plants, you have to remember to do it carefully or else you run the risk of damaging their bark or worse, breaking the branches. Make sure also to spot growing branches and avoid placing anything there in order not to strangle them.