Recommended Reading: Top 8 Books about Trees

In a world dominated by TV, tablets, and all sorts of electronic gadgets, reading books remains one of the more enjoyable activities that a lot of people still take pleasure in. I am one of those people.

Over the years, we’ve read our fair share of books. We quite enjoy a little bit of everything when it comes to books, from thrillers to non-fiction and inspirational literature. Occasionally, we read books about nature, particularly books about trees, because we love trees and enjoy learning more about them.

Here are a few of the books that tackle the subject of trees, their importance, and how we should treat them. I’ve read and found each one quite enjoyable. Hope you find them enjoyable as well.

Without further ado… here’s our top 8 books about trees:

1. Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees (by Roger Deakin)

This is quite a good read. Although a bit tougher to categorize, this book is filled with facts and new insights about trees, as well as beautifully written anecdotes. This is a book that celebrates the significance of trees in nature and in all of our lives.

2. The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring (by Richard Preston)

Written by the number one bestselling author of The Hot Zone, this book offers a remarkable account of the scientific aspects and the spiritual passion for some of the tallest trees in the world. Learn about these unique species of trees and those who are committed to preserving these magnificent organisms.

3. White Waters and Black (by Gordon MacCreagh)

This is an ideal read if you want to learn about the different tree species in the Amazon basin and how they were discovered by explorers and scientists throughout the years. The book recounts the story of a major expedition that that took place in 1923. This is truly a great read, if you enjoy trees and a snippet of the history on how some species were discovered.

4. The Man Who Planted Trees and Grew Happiness (by Jean Giono)

A fictional story, this piece of beautifully written literature is an oldie but a goodie. First published in 1954, The Man Who Planted Trees and Grew Happiness is an inspirational read for people who love moving fiction. This book has significantly influenced public perception towards planting and caring for trees.

5. American Canopy: Trees, Forests, and the Making of a Nation (by Eric Rutkow)

This recommended read is quite different from your typical forestry books. Yes, it’s a book about trees, but it’s also about the history of America. It tackles American history from the point of view of its forests and trees, particularly the significance of trees in the pioneer days and how these majestic plants have been viewed over the years.

6. Trees: A Visual Guide (by Tony Rodd and Jennifer Stackhouse)

This book belongs in a different category altogether. More of a photographic expression, rather than a written creation, Trees: a Visual Guide is a beautifully designed and illustrated reference book that can help you navigate through the world of trees from different perspectives. This is a nice addition to your coffee table reading collection and a great conversation piece with fellow tree enthusiasts.

7. Trees: Their Natural History (by Peter A. Thomas)

If want to learn more about trees, but don’t want to get overwhelmed by the technical aspects and the science of it all, this book is a great read for you. The author quite masterfully delivers technical information without making the book inaccessible to casual readers. Whether you’re a botanist, an Arborist, or simply a tree enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy this book.

8. The World Without Us (by Alan Weisman)

A thought-provoking piece of literature, The World Without Us is a post-apocalyptic non-fiction writing that accounts the truth about how nature will continue to go on even without us humans. And the fact that she doesn’t need us to prevail, but we humans need her to survive.

We found these eight books quite informative, engaging, and even exhilarating. For anyone who loves trees and everything about them, these books are certainly must-reads.

What are some of your favorite books either about trees, or that trees play a significant role? Share in a comment below!

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