Project Spotlight: Windstorm Leads To Removal Of Spruce Tree

We’ve seen some big wind storms come thru the area recently, and as you know, they can do some significant damage and sometimes lead to tree removal.

That’s exactly what happened in this month’s Project Spotlight.  Let’s begin with a note we received from our happy customer, Buffie:

Today, February 16, 2017, we had four gentlemen come and take care of a Spruce; the spruce met his demise due to last night’s wind storm. This tree has seen many, many first-day-of-school pictures, Military Ball pics, all the good sappy (HA! Tree funny) pics that you bring out when your kid brings home a date :).

Long story short, I asked one of the gentlemen to save me a small piece. We sat from a safe distance and watched the magic unfold. Thirty-two minutes (approximately) it took them. That was including the following. They took a log and cut it for me. They totally went way above and beyond! All 4 of them were polite, had great manners, and very hard workers! Excellent job for sure! They sure hugged my heart, today :). This was at Terracina Apartments on the corner of Sierra Highlands and Vila Verda, at approximately, 10:30 this morning.

I have to make one more comment. We have seen over a year’s worth of construction people coming in and out of our apartment due to renovations. Over a YEAR! I have seen all kinds of folks. Painter, carpenters, plumbers and some I cannot pronounce. The four gents you have working for you are so far superior from any team I have seen to date! If I could afford it, I would have tipped them $100 each! But a HUGE THANK YOU will just have to do :)!

Wow, thank you Buffie! That completely made our day. We’re so glad we could be there for you, and we appreciate you giving us a call so we could help you out.