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3 Signs of Improper Landscape Maintenance

The lushness and beauty of your lawn have a direct correlation with the integrity and overall health of your trees. So, if your lawn grass and shrubberies are healthy, your trees should be, too.

Good landscaping should be holistic, encompassing lawn care and tree care. Have you ever heard of the adage “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”? This talks about synergy, which is what the Integrated Plant and Turf Healthcare is all about.

Bridging the Gap Between Lawn Care and Tree Care Services

Integrated Plant and Turf Healthcare, or iPATH, is a lawn and tree management program offered by American Arborists, a reputable tree service company based in California. Manned by certified professionals trained in the science of arboriculture, they understand the importance of tree health care and how it relates to the surrounding plant life.

Through the Integrated Plant and Turf Healthcare program, you will be getting more from your investment as a homeowner. Its main purpose is to ensure proper care and maintenance of your trees, as well as your shrubberies, ornamentals, and greens.

What Makes This Particular Program So Special?

Aside from the certified arborists who will be working on your landscaping needs, you will get a comprehensive lawn and tree care service with 100% customer satisfaction.

  • The program includes seven scheduled visits sprinkled throughout the year.

These are carefully timed to coincide with the most crucial phases of the year when trees and other plant life could greatly benefit from good tender loving care.

Why Is This Crucial?

Well, what happens when the relationship between the trees in your property and the other plant life surrounding them becomes imbalanced? What are the common signs you can expect if your landscape is in distress?

Common Signs of Improper Landscape Maintenance

1. The Grass Around The Tree Is Becoming Less Dense

Sparse grass growth, especially around a tree, could mean lack of sun exposure or it’s not getting enough nutrients from the soil. Most species of lawn grass need a lot of sunlight to thrive, so if a tree has a thick canopy obstructing the sunlight, the grass underneath will lose its thickness until it eventually dies.

There needs to be an appropriate balance between the tree and the turf around it.

  • The most basic solution is to choose a type of grass that is shade-tolerant, especially if you have plans to plant trees later on.

However, if you’re dealing with an existing grass species and it’s not doing very well under the thick shade of the tree, the best thing you can do is have your tree regularly pruned by a certified arborist to allow more sunlight to penetrate through.

2. Young Newly Planted Trees Are Weak And Growing Too Slowly For Its Species

Newly planted trees grow at different rates, depending on the species. However, there are times when even for a fast-growing tree species, it’s still not advancing at the expected rate. There are usually a couple of common reasons for this:

  • The tree is planted too close to other plant species. When plants are positioned too close together, there’s going to be serious competition for sunlight, water, and other nutrients. And the newly planted trees will often lose out since their roots are not as established as the more mature competition.
  • Your lawn is suffering from overcrowding of plant life. This is not only unpleasant to look at, but it’s also unhealthy as well. There needs to be a sufficient amount of space for plants to grow and develop properly.
3. You’re Fighting A Losing Battle Against Excessive Moss Growth

Excessive moss growth in your lawn can be a sign of an imbalanced lawn ecosystem.

  • Moss growth is often found in areas where there are excessive shade and too much ground moisture.
  • In these areas, sparse grass growth is usually observed, as moss starts to take over.

There are a variety of reasons why this happens, and lack of sunlight or too much shade is just one of them. To combat excessive moss growth, it is best to contact the experts.

The Main Benefits of the iPATH Program

When you sign up for the program, you will have:

  • Healthier and more vibrant trees and turf all year round.
  • A Better infestation and disease prevention plan.
  • The most beautiful landscape in your neighborhood.
  • The best value for your investment.