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  • Crown Cleaning Conifers
    Crown Cleaning Conifers

    Pine trees and other conifers naturally shed lower and interior limbs like other trees however it tends to be more dramatic and noticeable in conifers than deciduous trees. This shedding should not ...

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  • Trimming landmark trees
    Trimming landmark trees

    American Arborists takes pride in maintaining the trees located on the campus of University of Nevada at Reno. When trimming mature high value trees like the elm trees located in the main quad there ...

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  •  Responsible tree trimming practices
    Responsible tree trimming practices

    Every now and then a customer questions how a tree or some of its limbs are going to be removed, each time the answer is different but it always boils down to taking big pieces and making little ...

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  • Should I prune my trees in Spring?
    Should I prune my trees in Spring?

    During the first month of spring, I am commonly asked if it is too late to trim one's trees. The answer to that is no. Ideally, it is best to trim trees during the dormant season before the trees ...

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