Why Certification Is Important When Choosing a Tree Pro

Everyone knows that a healthy and well-maintained tree can easily become the single most magnificent feature in any landscape. You plant a few trees in your property, maybe one in the front yard and one or two in the back, and your place will not only look pristine and beautiful, your property value might go up as well.

But there’s a catch.

Having trees in your property presents a responsibility that you must be prepared for, if you want your plants to continue to look good and stay healthy for a long time. Because a poorly-maintained tree is not only tough to look at, it can be a serious hazard and invite pests and disease to invade.

Imagine if a limb or huge branch breaks off and falls on your roof. Or worse, what if the broken branch falls on someone, can you imagine how awful that would be?

So, if you have trees in your property, it is in your best interest to make sure that they are healthy and taken care of by a highly-experienced and well-trained tree care professional. But where does one begin finding a tree service professional who has the right credentials and qualifications? How do you choose a good tree care company that you can trust?

What kind of professional do you want to take care of your tree?

In the tree care industry, there are essentially two kinds of professionals that can handle tree maintenance and other tree care services. There are your typical tree service professionals and there are Arborists. Tree service and Arborist services are so closely related that they can sometimes be confusing to the average individual.

Albeit both terms are closely associated with each other, they are not entirely the same or interchangeable. Tree experts or tree professionals are completely capable of providing adequate tree maintenance and care services, but they differ from Arborists in many different aspects.

Here’s the real story:

Anyone who knows his way around a chainsaw and has enough experience cutting down trees can call himself a professional and provide various tree services. He may even choose to start a tree service company.

Now, in certain areas, anyone can be a tree service provider as long as he or she has the right tools and know how to use those tools. In most areas, however, a tree service professional must have the right certification before he or she can operate. This is where an average tree service professional differs from an Arborist.

Why Go for an Arborist When Finding a Tree Service Provider

An Arborist, otherwise known as a “tree doctor,” will go the extra mile to take care of the needs of individual trees. Arborist services are most often headed by a certified, educated Arborist. Not just a guy who knows how to use a chainsaw.

Arborists are well-trained in the science of tree care, allowing them to identify problems and provide treatments for trees in poor health. But most of all, an Arborist can come up with preventive solutions to ensure the health and safety of trees. This kind of service is often too advanced and sophisticated for an average tree service provider to handle, especially those with no certification of any form whatsoever.

Key services that your local Arborist may provide:

  • Tree planting and removal services
  • Tree trimming and pruning services
  • Seasonal tree care services
  • Tree health care services
  • Drought mitigation and disease treatment and prevention
  • Treatment and prevention for insect infestation

Things to Consider before Hiring a Tree Service Professional

  1. Certification – Before hiring any professional, you always want to look for proper credentials and certification. Not all tree service providers have the right certification and credentials. An ISA Certified Arborist not only has been tested but has continuing education keeping up any changes and new developments in our specialized field.
  1. Equipment – In addition to checking for certification, you should also make sure that the tree service company has the proper, up-to-date equipment to do the job they’re hired to do.
  1. Safety Standards/Protocols – When it comes to tree care and maintenance, accidents can sometimes happen, more so if the company doesn’t follow proper safety protocols and industry safety standards.
  1. Insurance – As a homeowner who has people working in his property, you have to think about responsibilities and liabilities. If something happens to a worker while doing a job in your property, you will be held financially liable. So make sure that the tree service has insurance before hiring them.