Improper Pruning

Reno NV, like many other areas of the country, still feels the effects of improper pruning on the community.  Many of the problems I come across were caused from improper pruning completed years ago however there is some cases of improper pruning still being practiced today 2010.  One of the biggest problems and expenses is caused by topping large crown trees such as elm, maple, and ash.  The trees that live through severe topping are capable of growing large hazardous waterspouts, commonly referred to as suckers which exceed original crown height and volume.  This reactive growth is very week and massive which creates abnormal risks to potential targets such as pedestrians vehicles and structures.    Topping can be avoided by planting the right tree in the right place so there is no risk of damage if a tree were to fail structurally in extreme weather conditions, in other words, don’t plant large crown trees in close proximity to potential targets.  If the crown must be reduced for height or spread for any reason make sure industry standard cuts are made which will reduce sucker growth and mitigate risk.  Call your American Arborists today if you have any questions (775) 352-4241.